AGL photometric calibration is of the utmost importance: AGL systems play an important role in securing air travel and must comply with ICAO standards and with FAA rules:

Annex 14-2004 edition and FAA Circular AC150/5345-46C impose specific and periodic methods for these measurements. JDC AIRPORTS has acquired the NAKSYS mobile measuring system, called “Caliber”, which makes it possible to measure the photometric performance of each light installed on the runways and taxiways in situ in order to ensure perfect visibility under various conditions corresponding to category I, II and/or III

Compliance with ICAO and FAA rules is essential for an airport authority. In the event of an accident, it is essential to prove that the AGL is compliant, by means of test reports. In addition, these same reports are an essential tool for the organisation of the maintenance service in order to plan the replacement of defective lamps (it is mandatory to replace a lamp where the light is less than 50% of the light output) and as such to prevent the runway from having to be downgraded (downgrading is effective if a number of lamps do not comply with standards).

JDC AIRPORTS has formed a team to perform photometric calibration for its customers, under an independent contract or as part of a major maintenance contract

The CALIBER equipment is mounted on a JDC vehicle. There is no specific preparation required by the airport authority. When the system is calibrated, the tests can be performed at different times.  The system ensures a perfect recording of results, making it impossible for the operator to modify the results, thus ensuring total integrity during results analysis.