Our values

At JDC AIRPORTS, the company’s values rest on 4 main pillars. Each of these pillars integrates with the others to form JDC AIRPORTS’ strong and homogeneous identity.


1) Respect

As professionals, we pay particular attention to respect in all its forms.

We also want this value to be reflected in our work, which is why we mainly focus on:

  • respecting work instructions, in order to ensure an optimum level of quality;
  • respecting schedules and deadlines, which are essential elements in any contractual relationship;
  • respecting safety and environmental instructions, which are key values for any responsible company in a context where ethical and environmental issues are at the heart of all concerns.

2) Team Spirit

Not forgetting what has made the very essence of its reputation, JDC AIRPORTS makes it a point of honour to promote team spirit, both in terms of the common objectives to be achieved and the participation and mutual assistance that we expect from each of the members of JDC AIRPORTS staff.

Through this value, JDC AIRPORTS also wants to highlight the family spirit that reigns within the company.

3) Flexibility

The specific features and diversity of our businesses, combined with the ambition pursued by JDC AIRPORTS, promote flexibility for each of our employees.

At JDC, this flexibility often translates into a desire to take on more and more responsibilities and learn new tasks and functions. In other words, this flexibility allows our workers to continue to develop and learn.

It is also a guarantee of performance for our customers, who can count on us and our flexibility to carry out all types of projects under various conditions and constraints.

4) Communication

Exchange and communication are part of the fourth pillar on which our values are based. In effect, in a constantly changing society, it is important to be able to adapt and maintain a high level of communication. Communication at JDC AIRPORTS is an essential element, both externally and internally. The flat hierarchical structure that we strive to maintain despite the company’s significant growth is a perfect example.

At JDC, communication can be summarised in three words: SIMPLICITY – EFFICIENCY – TRANSPARENCY.