JDC Airports is a young company founded in 2009 by 3 professionals, each having 15 years of field experience. The company is a specialized integrator of Aeronautical Ground Lights systems in accordance with ICAO Annex 14 recommendations on airports, heliports and ulm-ports.

JDC Airports offers a dynamic service to its clients, both nationally and internationally. The company has a compact structure with certified experienced staff that support flexibility at all times. Further, the company can count on the support of some major partners.

JDC Airports accomplishes both new constructions and maintenance operations (preventive and corrective) to AGL installations, equipment and systems. In addition, the company is competent in the implementation of other airport equipments and electro technical installations. JDC Airports has invested the necessary resources to do interventions on a correct and efficient base for all these activities.

JDC Airports offers wide variety of consultancy and training regarding Airport Safety and Safety Management Systems. By having high-level experience in airport operations and Airport ICAO Annexe 14 certification, JDC Airports is specialized in assisting airport operators in being compliant with ICAO and local CAA's airport safety and certification requirements. Starting with the setup of an aerodrome certification program comply with the International Civil Aviation Organisation's Annexe 14 we are able to afterwards continue efforts by giving solutions in developing and managing Safety Managing Systems.

S.A. JDC AIRPORTS - 32, rue Marie Joyle - B-7021 Mons(Havre) - T. +32 (0)69 77 92 30

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